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Who We Are:

The TIFIN Group's portfolio of fintech platforms are focused on shaping the future of investor experience and engagement delivered through financial intermediaries.  

What we do to support FPA Members:

TIFIN companies provide financial intermediaries with fintech solutions that enhance the client-advisor relationship through personalization-at-scale and sophisticated investment intelligence.  FPA members can enhance their digital engagement and selling capabilities with Market Insight Out ( a smart content marketing platform and Positivly ( A financial personality-based investment personalization platform. 

What you need to know:

Like FPA members, we put the end customer at the center of everything we do. As the next generation of investors becomes critical to future growth, our solutions provide the vital capabilities needed to deepen existing and generate new revenue streams.  Want to learn more? Send us a note.

    Connect With Us:

    Michael Winnick  - Chief Revenue Officer, The TIFIN Group
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        Phone - (206) 817 6766

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        Office: 303-867-7181

        Address:  PO Box 4303
        Topeka, KS 66604

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