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Women of FPA: Saying No to Stress

  • 22 Apr 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Virtual




Saying No to Stress

April 22, 2021


There are so many new factors adding to anxiety levels and the stress of well-being these days. We live in a society that is addicted to being busy, prides itself on instant gratification, information overload and superhero levels of achievement. Many women are living in chronic stress cycles and do not even know it. Living in a chronic stress cycle can lead to long term health problems. Many times, woman do not recognize their health symptoms like weight gain, insomnia or bloating being rooted in stress. Join me to identify these and other chronic stress signals in your life and start a journey toward making more empowered choices to reduce and eliminate this chronic stress. You deserve to put yourself first, so that you can live a long and healthy life and be there for other’s who need you.

Pamela Martin is an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach and a Holistic Executive Coach. As a trained coach and former executive and mother of four, Pamela specializes in helping women balance personal and career worlds, while staying accountable to personal health needs.  Her practice includes helping clients reduce stress, manage career paths, determine food and lifestyle choices, and build the courage and commitment to reach their goals through brave and mindful choices. She runs a coaching practice in Kansas City called, The Balanced Way.

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