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March Chapter Meeting - Wade Pfau

  • 20 Mar 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM (CDT)
  • Embassy Suites, Olathe, Kansas


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Chapter Meeting
March 20, 2019
For this meeting only, please note the change in meeting time below

Reverse Mortgages: How to use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement 


                     Wade Pfau, PhD., CFA                     Harlan Accola 

In the early days, reverse mortgages were generally treated as a last resort option after other resources were depleted, or as a way to obtain quick access to a large lump-sum of assets. This is not the appropriate way to think about reverse mortgages in a retirement income plan, especially in light of recent research. The reverse mortgage option should be viewed as a method for responsible retirees to create liquidity for an otherwise illiquid asset, which in turn can create new options that potentially support a more efficient retirement income strategy (more spending and/or a greater legacy). After providing an overview of retirement income planning, which sets the context for understanding the potential role of reverse mortgages, this presentation explains the basics for how reverse mortgages work. I then provide an overview of potential uses for a reverse mortgage, while focusing on ways to coordinate the line of credit use with distributions from the investment portfolio, and how to think about the reverse mortgage line of credit as a form of insurance to protect against market losses or declines in the home value. Financial advisors must pay attention to their client’s home equity, as this is a vital asset that can be used as part of a coordinated strategy to improve retirement outcomes. 

11:15 a.m. - Check In, Lunch, and Late Registration
12:00-2:00 p.m. - CE Presentation 

Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center 
10401 S. Ridgeview Rd, Olathe, KS 66061
CFP - 2 hours approved
Missouri Insurance - 2 hours pending
Kansas Insurance - 2 hours approved

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