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August 15, 2018 Here's how tariffs affect you by Sandi Weaver

July 9, 2018 Young adult newlyweds should take these four financial actions  by Marc Shaffer

June 30, 2018 Celebrate your financial independence this year by Jamie Bosse

June 19, 2018 Reflecting on a father's advice, by Barbara McMahon

May 18, 2018 In modern-day weddings, who foots the bill? It depends by Jamie Bosse

April 18, 2018 Grades K-12 get new tool to pay tuition costs, by Lucas Bucl

April 4, 2018 Is stock market volatility here to stay?, by Chris Walden

March 14, 2018 Find the tools to invest based on your values  by Sandi Weaver

March 1, 2018 What the three-leaf clover can teach people in their 30's  by Patrick Amey

February 15, 2018 Closing of a business shows the importance of planning  by Dan Danford

January 31, 2018 For good money decisions, slow down  by Joni Lindquist

January 18, 2018 How will the new tax law affect you?  by Sandi Weaver

January 4, 2018 Keep up your financial fitness in the new year  by Jamie Bosse


December 27, 2017 Are you ready for your Hurricane Harvey? by Sandi Weaver

December 12, 2017 Money isn't the only thing of value you have by Barbara McMahon

November 28, 2017 The Link between Harley adventures and financial plans by Todd Minear

November 9, 2017 Step one to a great holiday season: avoid overspending by Sandi Weaver

October 20, 2017 Prepare for the financial impact of maternity leave by Jamie Bosse

October 2, 2017 What's better done in fall than spring? Often, the answer is taxes  by Chris Walden

September 19, 2017 The Dow is a lousy index for today's stock market  by Lucas Bucl

September 1, 2017 Financial reminders for young entrepreneurs by Marc Shaffer

August 28, 2017 Do you know about the 2017 Kansas Income tax rate changes?  By Mark Howe

August 16, 2017 How to pull off a budget friendly adventure  by Patrick Amey

July 24, 2017 Should you trust a robo-advisor for financial planning?  By Chanel Fortier

June 29, 2017 America is full of people who need help making financial decisions by Dan Danford

June 22, 2017 Taking a Bite out of the College Funding Dilemma  by Dan Mathews

May 31, 2017 Can you be a socially responsible investor and still make money?  by Sandi Weaver

May 18, 2017 Should you "sell in May and go away?" Examining a stock market adage  by Lucas Bucl

May 10, 2017 Peace, Pampering rank high on Mother's Day wish list by Jamie Bosse

April 24, 2017 On Money, How the millennial generation is different  by Peter Hartwick

April 14, 2017 Will you win with Trump's new tax code?  by Sandi Weaver

March 23, 2017 Spring Cleaning your Finances in Divorce by Chanel Fortier

March 8, 2017 Thank the Irish for this advise: Spend less than you make  by Patrick Amey

February 23, 2017 If you must lend money to a family member, get the deal in writing  by Dan Mathews

February 9, 2017 Blow it, mow it and grow it: Tax refunds and other windfalls

January 25, 2017 Prepare your financial 'state of the union' assessment by Chris Walden

January 11, 2017 The case of the $20 drip by Jamie Bosse


December 28, 2016 The top 10 not-so-common financial tips for the New Year by Todd Minear

December 14, 2016 Year-end planning tips by Chris Walden

November 30, 2016 A plan for preventing children from squandering an inheritance by Dan Mathews

November 16, 2016 A Thanksgiving for the ages by Peter J. Hartwick

November 9, 2016  Contemplating a gift to charity? Be smart about it by Sandi Weaver

October 19, 2016 What will happen to your money when Hillary or Donald wins? by Alex Petrovic

October 5, 2016 Your financial planner: The winning formula for the Royals and your finances by Joni Lindquist

September 28, 2016 Your financial planner: Don't get taken twice on the second marriage by Sandi Weaver

September 21, 2016 Your financial planner: Don't make any sudden decisions with sudden wealth by Chanel Fortier

August 31, 2016 Your financial planner: Does the outcome of the election really matter? by Barbara McMahon

August 17, 2016 Your financial planner: How to avoid breaking the bank on back to school by Jamie Bosse

August 3, 2016 Your financial planner: Our society safety nets are in trouble-can they be fixed? by Lucas Bucl

July 20, 2016 Your financial planner: Did your child recently marry? by Sandi Weaver

July 4, 2016-Your financial planner: Posturing in divorce by Chanel Fortier

June 22, 2016-Your financial planner: Six basic steps to legacy planning by Kevin X. Taylor
June 8, 2016 -Your financial planner: Professional gardening -- tending to your green assets by Peter J. Hartwick
May 25, 2016 - Your financial planner: Are alternative investments right for you? by Dan Mathews

May 11, 2016 - Your financial planner: When to take the adult kids off the payroll By Jamie Bosse

April 27, 2017-Your financial planner: Will the fiduciary rule protect your financial future? by Michael J. Searcy

April 14, 2016-Your financial planner: You're retired, but what happens if.. .by Sandi Weaver

March 31, 2016-Your financial planner: And then there were three by Jamie Bosse

March 17, 2016-Your financial planner: What to do with cash by Marc Shaffer

March 3, 2016-Your financial planner: The prescription for stock market volatility by Chris Walden

February 17, 2016-Your financial planner: A guide for same-sex couples by Sandi Weaver

February 3, 2016-Your financial planner: Developing a Super Bowl-like game plan for your money by Joni Lindquist

January 20, 2016-Your financial planner: Cleaning up the bills after the holidays and setting up the year by Peter Hartwick

January 6, 2016-Your financial planner: Time to get financially fit by Chanel Fortier


December 23, 2015-Your financial planner: Five easy ways to save smarter in 2016 by Ken Eaton

December 9, 2015-Your financial planner: How not to break the bank this holiday season by Jamie Bosse

November 25, 2015-Your financial planner: Family finance isn't about money by Dan Danford

November 11,2015- Your financial planner:  A guide to finding a trusted financial partner by Joni Lindquist

October 28, 2015-Five big mistakes made by caregivers of children with special needs by Michael J. Searcy

October 14, 2015-Your financial planner: The retirement mindset by Barbara McMahon

September 30, 2015-Your financial planner: Managing your money is a process by Trevor Harris

September 18,2015-Your financial planner: What the Fed's interest rate policy means for you by Patrick Amey

September 2, 2015-Retiring is hard work by Sandi Weaver

August 20, 2015-Your financial planner: Projecting the investment horizon...don't let emotion get the best of you by Michael Searcy

August 5, 2015-Your financial planner:  It's back to school - how prepared will you be? by Samantha Kopek

July 8, 2015-Estate planning for your digital assets by Alex Petrovic

June 24, 2015-Happy birthday social security by Barbara McMahon

June 10, 2015-Myths that don't apply to retirees by Sandi Weaver

May 27, 2015-Life settlements can be a lifeline for seniors by Drew White

May 13, 2015-Don't pay off your mortgage if you plan to enjoy retirement by Dan Danford

April 29, 2015-Women take control of your finances after divorce or death of a spouse by Peter Hartwick

April 15, 2015-How your federal tax dollars are spent by Mark Howe

April 1, 2015-When it comes to finances, don't always follow the script by Dan Mathews
March 18, 2015-
Spring cleaning includes your finances too by Eric Jones
March 4, 2015-Savers beware, its time to rethink retirement planning by Peter Hartwick and Chanel Fortier

February 18, 2015-Unexpected money, unexpected problems by Marc C. Shaffer

February 4, 2015-Are behavioral biases impacting your personal finances? by Derek R. Lawson

January 21, 2015-Doing good for others makes you feel good by Kenneth Eaton

January 7, 2015-Financial planning for late starters by Kurt Commerford


December 18, 2014-What happens if you die without a will? by Jamie Bosse

December 3, 2014-How not to break the bank this holiday season by Jamie Bosse

November 19, 2014-Money Matters: Giving thanks beyond your finances by Chanel Fortier

November 5, 2014-Six tips to help you live within your means by Jamie Bosse

October 8, 2014-Don't let your adult children waste their youth by Adam Hoopes

September 25, 2014-Smarter, easier ways to manage your finances by Patrick Amey

September 10, 2014-Leaving a charitable legacy with an IRA by Dan Mathews

August 26, 2014-What's yours is mine by Marc Shaffer

August 14, 2014-Two things that new parents should not put off by Jamie Bosse

July 30, 2014--Investors, don't be your own worst enemy by Chanel Fortier and Peter J. Hartwick

July 16, 2014-Five ways to protect your online assets by Derek Lawson

June 3, 2014-The freedom to define your own retirement by Marc C. Shaffer

May 7, 2014-Baby steps-the first nine months by Daniel Pontarelli

April 23, 2014-The madness of rising tuition costs by Marc C. Shaffer

April 9, 2014-Create a financial spring-cleaning list by Tiffany Owens

March 18, 2014-Your credit score-why it matters and how it works by Lucas Bucl

March 5, 2014-Five tips to understanding and selecting target date funds by Tracy St. John

February 19, 2014-When Cupid strikes twice by Sandi Weaver

February 5, 2014-Five easy ways to reduce your exposure to identity theft by Ken Eaton

November 20, 2013-Year-end planning strategies for new tax issues by Sandi Weaver

November 6, 2013-Create a holiday spending plan by Cindy Richey

October 2, 2013-Starting a small business? Follow this blueprint by Lucas Bucl

August 21, 20103-Be careful about adding your adult child to the bank account or house title by Sandi Weaver

July 17, 2013-Retirement around the corner? Five things to consider by Dan Weeks

June 24, 2013-What's a retiree to do? by Alex Petrovic

May 8, 2013-Planning for a boomerang child? Six keys to consider by Lucas Bucl

April 24, 2013-Don't file away the tax return! It's also a great budget tool by Dan Mathews

April 10, 2013-Bonds are safe, right? by Ken Eaton

March 20, 2013-Get smart about money decisions during Money Smart Month by Tracy St. John

March 6, 2013- The other big retirement threat by Alex Petrovic
February 20, 2013- When it comes to saving, follow a five-step plan by members of the Financial Planning Association

January 9, 2013-Money Matters: Turn your financial wishes into reality by Dan Mathews



May 9, 2012-Money Matters: Advice for the graduating class of 2012 by Lucas Bucl


February 29, 2012-Money Matters: Don't overlook travel insurance when planning your spring break or summer vacation by Ken Eaton

February 15, 2012-Money Matters: When fire's at the door, don't be caught without an emergency plan by Tracy St. John

January 20, 2012-Money Matters: Ten tax tips for 2012 by Sandi Weaver

January 11, 2012-Money Matters: Look back, Look ahead by Dan Mathews


December 23, 2011-
Your Money: Preparing for 2012 by Alex Petrovic

November 23, 2011-Your Money: Talking turkey about financial planning  by Dan Mathews
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