Friday, August 17, 2018

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April 16, 2018 Show – Tax Planning for 2018 – How with the Trump Tax Code Changes Impact Your Taxes?

February 19, 2018 Show -Need Help Breaking your Bad Financial Habits?  
Need Help Breaking your Bad Financial Habits


December 21st Show - Bitcoin, Investing in Physical Assets, and the Pain and Gain of financial planning.

October 16th Show – Trump’s Tax Proposal and Year-End Planning Ideas

August 28th Show - Financial Planning for Non-Traditional Couples

June 19th Show – Busting Financial Myths, Financial Impact of Trump’s Tweets

April 17th Show – Gender Gap in Financial Health, How to Make Positive Changes to Achieve Financial Fitness

February 27, 2017 - Smart Money Experts on Stretching Your Retirement Savings.


December 19th 2016 – Smart Money Experts On Historic Market Highs, Interest Rate Hike, And The 'Trump Rally'

October 17th 2016 - Smart Money Experts On Candidates' Proposed Economic Plan

August 29th, 2016 - Smart Money Experts: Social Safety Nets and Cyber Security

June 29, 2016: Smart Money Experts: Brexit and You

April 18, 2016: Smart Money Experts: Is College Still Worth The Cost?

Feb 22, 2016:  Love and Money

Dec 21, 2015:  "Year-end Planning and Higher Interest Rates",

Oct 19, 2015:  "Selecting A Financial Planner To Manage Your Money",

Aug 17, 2015:  "Teaching Financial Literacy",

Jun 22, 2015:  "Managing Modest Means",

Apr 20, 2015:  "Tackling Death & Taxes",

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The FPA Publicity Committee has a long-running multi-year relationship with KCUR, appearing on two of their local shows.  Our initial appearances were on the radio show, Central Standard, hosted by Gina Kaufmann (shown in the second photo).  Our current appearances are on Up To Date, hosted by Steve Kraske, and produced by Danie Alexander.
Our mission is to provide information on financial planning topics that impact local listeners, and to answer the show's call-in questions.  Danie Alexander, with Steve Kraske's assistance, determines which topics to address for their audience.  Steve Kraske is a well-known and well-versed media figure in Kansas City; he is a political columnist for the Kansas City Star, and frequently appears in discussion panels on Kansas City Public Television.
Because of KCUR'S indepth, professional approach, we feel honored to provide financial planning education for their audience.

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